The highest scoring defenses in the history of football

The highest scoring defenses in the history of football
Ronald Koeman leads the ranking of the highest scoring defenders of all time PHOTO: FC Barcelona

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Who are they the defenses scorers history? Although the primary role of defenders in football is to avoid competing goals, There have also been some who have stood out for their ease when drilling of goal. today we review who is the highest scoring defender in history and those that precede it on the list. Some of them were able to score more than many front.

The highest scoring defenses in the history of football

IAN HARTE (97 goals)

Ian Harte
The side had a real glove on his left foot with which he was able to score goals very beautiful invoice especially but also missing a penalty. (The Irish Sun)


Defenses More scorers
Argentine Rafael Albrech in his playing of San Lorenzo de Almagro. The player was able to score 4 goals in one game and brushed 100 goals throughout his career (

MANFRED KALTZ (100 goals)

Manfred kaltz
German Manfred Kaltz scored 100 goals throughout his career making him one of the highest scoring defenses in history. Myth of the German national team and Hamburg (SWR)


More defenders scorers
Another defender who exceeded 100 goals throughout his career. The Argentine Rocchia defended Racing T-shirts and Ferrocarril Oeste at home.

Sinisa Mihajlovic (104 goals)

Sinisa Mihajlovic
One of the best pitchers missing of all times. Balkan footballer had a huge punch of left-handed (Clarí

Edgardo Bauza (108 goals)

Edgardo Bauza
Bauza is another who managed to overcome the barrier of 100 goals scored. A specialist from the penalty spot (

Franck Sauzée (111 goals)

Defenses More scorers
Fullback he developed the great whole of his career in the French league. Teams like Marseille, Monaco or Estrasbourg benefited from his goals (L´Equipe)

STEVE BRUCE (111 goals)

Steve Bruce
In the picture with the shirt of Manchester United. Steve Bruce was a scorer defense (The Telegraph)

MARCUS TANAKA (114 goals)

Markus Tanaka
Japan also is represented on this list of the highest scoring defenses in history thanks to Marcus Tanaka. Fullback he developed his career in the league in his country and was international caps (


Sobran submissions for this true legend of football. Kaiser scored nothing less than 120 goals during his more than successful career as footballer (Soccer Institute)

ROBERTO CARLOS (122 goals)

Roberto Carlos
The names in this list of the most scorers defenses go up in level as we approach the top positions. Roberto Carlos is another of those who stood out for his great shooting power both in play and in free kick shots (Telemadrid)

SERGIO RAMOS (126 goals)

top scoring defenses in history
Sergio Ramos is the highest scoring defender in the history of the Spanish League with 69 many. He is also the only one on this list who is still active so he can continue scoring goals. PHOTO:


Defenses More scorers
Scottish football legend. Graham Alexander scored more than 100 goals and played more than 1.000 official matches during his career (Daily Record)

PAUL BREITNER (131 goals)

Paul Breitner
If we talk about legends, we can not help but remember Paul Breitner. German defender is another who noted for his goalscoring facet (Tactical soccer)

LAURENT BLANC (152 goals)

Laurent Blanc
Elegant and goalscorer. Frenchman Laurent Blanc achieved a more than respectable figure during his time as a footballer. Myth of French football and the World Champion 1998 (Sports world)

Fernando Hierro (163 goals)

Fernando Hierrro
Though he began his career as a midfielder, He was gradually slowing its position to the central marker. Fernando Hierro is the first Spanish from this list of the most scorers defenses. Real Madrid legend and international with Spain (

Daniel Passarella (175 goals)

More defenders scorers
In second place the Argentine Daniel Passarella is placed. Champion of the world with the albiceleste both 1978 like in 1986. Probably the best defender in the history of Argentina, not only he defended but made a lot of goals (

Ronald Koeman (253 goals)

Ronald Koeman
absolute leader and with much advantage as well. The dutch Ronald Koeman defense is the top scorer of all time with a figure that already wanted for themselves many strikers. A cannon right leg and life insurance kicks from the penalty spot (FC Barcelona)

(Data updated on 5 November 2023)

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