Lorenzo Buffon, Italy goalkeeper at the World Cup in Chile 1962

Lorenzo Buffon, Italy goalkeeper at the World Cup in Chile 1962
Lorenzo Buffon and Hans Schaefer greet each other before the Italy-Germany World Cup Chile 1962 (Photo: Pinterest)

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Surname Buffon It is closely linked to the goal of the Italian national football team. This relationship comes from afar; and in the years 60 it was. Yes, It is not a confusion of dates, more than half a century defended the shirt 'Azzurri’ the goalkeeper Lorenzo Buffon. With Gianluigi Buffon, a benchmark of football so far this XXI century, he joins a family relationship; Lorenzo's second cousin's grandfather Gigi.

Born in 1929, Lorenzo Buffon It was 15 times by Italy, and two of these in World Cup matches. Namely two phase groups World Cup Chile 1962. In the debut Buffon He managed to keep his goal to zero and the Azzurri tied to zero West Germany.

In the next match, who did not play Lorenzo, Italy lost to the Chilean hosts by 2-0, and to close the group Buffon he returned to the goal and beat Switzerland for 3-0. With these results Italy was third and failed to move to quarterfinals.


At club level, It is remembered especially in the AC Milán for whom he played 300 parties in 10 seasons, since 1949 a 1959. And his second year with the 'rossoneri’ It was an important piece, by the trio known as Gre-No-Li (Swedish Gunnar Gren, Nordahl y Gunnar Nils Liedholm) in the championship Italian top conquered by the Rossoneri, the first after 44 years.

After the step milanista, Buffon was in the Genoa, the Inter de Milan (in those years he was given his World Cup experience) and the Fiorentina. At the end of his career he had five 'scudettos’ Series A and two Latin Cups.

A year ago, Lorenzo Buffon He told the Gazzetta dello Sport Milan ruled that the signing of Gigi when he was young and he was the scout club. Gianluigi excelled in Parma and the Juventus Turin signed him in the 2001 becoming one of the best goalkeepers in history.

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