Manchester City satellite teams around the world

Manchester City satellite teams around the world
Manchester City continues to spread its tentacles around the world (The Economy Journal)

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A few months ago we published an article referring to the equipment that the brand Red Bull has around the planet. Today we will focus on another club, the Manchester City, or rather in the City Football Group, owner of several clubs around the world.


The English club is a history of its country. yes, It was not until the 21st century that it became a true European giant that has invested an immense amount of money in putting together one of the best teams on the continent.. Little by little he has been recruiting great stars and reaping titles, at the moment national, although he is one of the great contenders every season to win the Champions League.


The American MLS remains one of the preferred destinations for great soccer stars looking for a golden retirement. The New York City is one of the teams ‘brothers’ of the Manchester City. Soccer players at the level of David Villa played in their ranks, Andrea Pirlo, Frank Lampard and a long etcetera.

New York City
David Villa celebrates a goal with New York City (The vanguard)


The tentacles of the City Football Group continue to spread across all continents. Until Australia comes another of the celestial franchises to take control of the Melbourne City what, to the like previous, it looks the same colors and is most recognizable.


Very sound was the agreement that was closed in 2017 between Girona FC of the Spanish League and Manchester City. The Catalan team is another of the satellite clubs that benefits from this agreement, receiving players on loan as well as improvements of all kinds at the facility level.. Until now, the Girona club, at least, maintains its traditional colors.

Girona Manchester City
Girona and Manchester City in a friendly at the Montilivi stadium (Girona FC)


When one thinks of the Yokohama Marinos the great comes to mind Julio Salinas. The Spanish footballer came to the ranks of the club in his last years of career. Now, the japanese team, one of the founders of his league, is another of those who have succumbed to the money of the City.


A city as soccer as Montevideo could not be missing from the list of satellite clubs of the Manchester City. The Montevideo City Torque, club founded in 2007, is another of the franchises. Of course, wear light blue t-shirt, to honor his ‘father’ Y, on the way, to uruguay.

With this kind of financieros financial tricks’ the big clubs seek to avoid problems with the Financial fair play. Another of the things of modern football that produces so much rejection but, Unfortunately, we must accept.

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