Origin and evolution of the Boca Juniors

Origin and evolution of the Boca Juniors
Boca Juniors and blue and yellow 1919 where he won (Photo: Wikipedia)

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as you know, in FUTBOLRETRO.ES we like to look back to wonder why things. Sometimes we investigate the reason why a team wears some colors or other or why a bloated receives a nickname. This time we will investigate the origin and evolution of the Boca Juniors.

The set xeneize He was born in Neighborhood of the mouth Buenos Aires in one 3 April 1905. At first its T shirt It was white with black vertical stripes that were nothing but black ribbons in mourning. Shortly afterwards another light blue was used but it happened in a match against Nottingham de Almagro both teams wore that color. They played the game and bet that the loser had to change his clothes and Boca He was defeated.

For a while the Argentine team played in red shirts that desteñían to become pink. That is why some people claim that pink was one of the first sheepskins used by Boca Juniors, in fact, a few years ago the current sports brand of the club launched a T shirt commemorative of this color.


After these first tests, the president of the organization, Juan Brichetto, he thought it was time to choose a final color for his team shirt. To this end he decided it was fate chose for him. Brichetto, it was a Buenos Aires dock operator, He decided that the colors of the first flag that entered the port would be those of Boca Juniors.

A) Yes, the next morning, the queen Sofia with flag Sweden made entry into the port and became, without knowing it, in a historic boat. Blue and yellow of the Swedish flag became the colors of Boca Juniors which initially he wore a T shirt blue with yellow diagonal stripe to adopt shortly after the horizontal which has continued until today.

Boca Juniors shirt
In 2010 Boca Juniors honored the Swedish flag on his shirt (Photo: as)

In this way so curious and by chance, the Club Atletico Boca Juniors adopted its mythical colors have been those who have wandered all over the world becoming a legendary team considered one of the greatest both Argentina as throughout Latin.

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