The most unique records that every soccer fan should know

The most unique records that every soccer fan should know
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We all like football for magic, for the emotion and for those geniuses that undress the defenses and allow the desired goal to be achieved. But nevertheless, We also see it due to certain peculiarities that the king of sports gives us: goalkeepers who score goals, debuts that end in nightmare, super fast red cards and much more.

So you can show off even knowing the most atypical aspects of football, in this article we have compiled some of the most unique records in this sport.

Most goalscoring goalkeepers

Ronaldo and Messi may have scored hundreds of goals, but they certainly do not have the merit of this man: Rogerio Ceni. Brazil I note 132 goals occupying the furthest position from the rival goal: the goalkeeper. Ceni was a consummate expert in stationary balloon, so he was responsible for throwing the fouls and penalties in his team.

He was so used to scoring goals that his legs didn't shake even in highly competitive matches or important finals.. In fact, He scored more goals in his career than many forwards!!

Farthest headed goal

Many players dream of receiving the ball in their own territory, lift your head, see the forward goalkeeper and score a great goal from midfield. Well now imagine what he must have felt John Samuelsen the 25 September 2011: the norwegian, who was a member of Odd at the time, scored a header from 58,13 meters to certify the victory against Tromsø. Although this is the typical case of being in the right place at the right time, It's not easy to head the ball into the goal from such a long distance. Definitely, we are talking about a difficult record to beat.

The most disappointing debut

When Jonathan Woodgate signed for Real Madrid, I was not aware of the bad drink that was going to happen. Despite his great talent, he had a crystal physique, and his first 17 He spent months in Madrid away from the pitch.

The expectations that the fans had placed on the English international soon turned into disinterest, seeing that the player had never quite recovered from his injuries. But debut day finally came, and it was not just any debut, although not for the reasons that the English central defender would have wanted after such a long period of inactivity. Scoring an own goal or being sent off on your debut day is already bad luck, but that day Woodgate did both. We hope good old Woodgate stays away from the casino games or any other game of chance, since it is evident that luck is not on your side.

Most red cards in a single match

A match between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas does not usually attract the attention of the football planet. But nevertheless, everything changed the day Damian Rubino was forced to show up 36 red cards due to a monumental tangana. The referee expelled the 22 players that were on the field of play and 14 more people, between substitutes and technicians. Needless to say, both clubs were severely punished.. But nevertheless, despite the economic setback suffered, These two Argentine clubs have the consolation of knowing that they received more red cards than players played in the match.

The only player to score in every minute of regulation time

Comparisons between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are inevitable. The Rosario genius can boast, now yes, of having won all possible individual and collective titles, but there is one aspect in which the Portuguese surpasses him: the Cristiano's obsession with the goal has led him to score in each of the 90 minutes that a football game lasts. Not all in the same party, course, but this shows that the Portuguese is always alive and has the rival goal between his eyebrows.

Scoring early in a game means that you jump onto the pitch with your machinery well-oiled and wanting to put into practice everything you have trained throughout the week. Meanwhile, scoring in the last few minutes tells us about exceptional physical preparation and never losing sight of goal. It is not surprising, well, that a player with the characteristics of Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved so many records and personal achievements.


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