Ernest Wilimowski, the player with an average of 4 goals per game in the World

Ernest Wilimowski, the player with an average of 4 goals per game in the World
Ernest Wilimowski, the player with the best ratio of goals per game in the World (Photo: 20 minutes)

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The world of statistics is curious cases, and the Ernest Wilimowski, also known as Ezi, It is one of the highlights.

Wilimowski tops the list of players with the best average of goals per game in the World, with a staggering 4 goals per game. That is because I had a good day in the only match played in World Cup history; and only played one game because your selection, Poland, he lost in the first knockout round World Cup France 1938.

This happened 5 June in Strasbourg, in the match between Poland and Brazil on a rainy day leaving the field mired. But despite these conditions many goals were, a total of 11, and four of them Wilimowski. But the Polish side did not have enough with his success and lost to the Brazilians 6 a 5.

Opposite he was one of the first stars of the canarinha, Leonidas da Silva, who opened the scoring. The stellar performance Wilimowski He came in the second half, with three goals to sign the tie to four at the end of the game. But the extension Leônidas scored two more and the last goal of the Polish striker two minutes from the end was unsuccessful. Brazil He happened and finished third in the tournament, with Leônidas as Golden Boot with seven goals; Poland and alighted at the premiere.

Wilimowski ONE OF THE best goalscorers

Then came the break of the competition of the World Cup by World War II, Y Ernest Wilimowski I would not play in the tournament something that prevented him from fighting for being one of the top scorers in the history of the world.

During those turbulent years in Europe, he became German and got to play in the German selection. Ezi got 21 goals in 22 encounters with Poland, and marked 13 in 8 parties with Germany; for a total of 34 goals in 30 internacionalidades.

But also, Polish was a great goalscorer at club level. He was able to score 112 goals in 86 parties in The great movement Hajduki being the top scorer in the league in both 1934 like in 1936. Definitely, one of the players with better percentage of goals per game in history.

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