Selections with more participations in World Cup history

Selections with more participations in World Cup history
Skin, one of the best players ever (Photo: Republic)

It is a country where soccer is the most popular sport and totaling more victories in the World Cup. The idyll of Brazil with the World It is long and has sought to be loyal, since the 'Seleção' has been involved in all editions of the competition, 20 total until just before Russia 2018.


Since he started the 1930, Brazil has not missed any appointments, the only side which can affirm. It was in the three preceding the Second World War, and was responsible for organizing the championship for the first time after the war could, host the 1950, and then it has been a fixed.

The result of this insistence, and the potential it has shown its combined over the years, the 'Verdeamarelha'Is also the team with the most titles, five, besides two second, two third places and twice has been fourth. That is to say, more than half of the editions has reached at least the semifinals or equivalent phase (11 of 20).


Behind ranking World Cups were Germany and Italy tied with 18 presences, but the tie was broken in qualifying for Russia 2018, because the Germans were classified but not the Italians. In Germany the figures are added to the West Germany the time when the country was divided in this and in East Germany, Germanic and even the two teams faced off once.

Germans and Italians did not contest the inaugural Uruguay 1930, in which many European teams resigned to go. On the other hand, Germany still dragging the consequences of World War II and could not participate in the year 1950, and Italy was not in Sweden 1958 because I was overtaken in the qualifiers for Northern Ireland. This tie issues before Russia 2018 also coincided with another draw, the titles that had joined Italy and Germany, four for each of the combined.


Two Latin American teams are located below the historical classification of holdings. Argentina He added to editing 2014 a total of 16 presences, with two titles. The 'Albiceleste' was not in 1938, 1950, 1954 Y 1970. Meanwhile, Mexico has played 15 world, with absences 1934, 1938, 1974, 1982 Y 1990.


They empataban behind a 14 presences three classical selections of the European continent, Spain, France and England, where the sport was invented but was not involved until after World War II. Spanish and English have achieved a title of champion of the World while the French (As to the Argentine) add up 2 championships.

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