The only 'One Club Men’ of the history of Atlético de Madrid

The only 'One Club Men’ of the history of Atlético de Madrid
Juanma Lopez, uno de los 'One Club Men' Atletico Madrid (Cadena SER)

Last update August 27, 2020 by Javier Argudo

Continuing with our series of ‘One Club Men‘ of the different teams, Today we will review the only ones who achieved it in the history of Atlético de Madrid. The rojiblanco club has a very short list of footballers who completed their entire rojiblanco career. Are these:


A myth of the mattress club. The Madrid striker entered the history of Atlético de Madrid being his all-time top scorer in the League with a total of 150 annotations. Squire completed 13 rojiblanco seasons, since 1945 until 1958. In fact, In its first campaign the club was still called Atlético Aviación. During these years, the attacker won two Leagues.

Adrian Escudero
Adrian Escudero was the author of goal number 1.000 Atlético de Madrid in the First Division. In the image we see him in a match against FC Barcelona (

further, as a curious note, was international with Spain three times, each of them with a different selector. He was shortlisted to travel to Brazil World Cup in 1950, but nevertheless, according to your own version, finally got off the list because it was included, at the last minute, a manager in the expedition.


Who knew football in years 90 I remember perfectly. A fierce central defender of those who leave their skin in each game and are used harshly. Super Lopez, how was the rojiblanco defender known, He wore the tee Atletico Madrid during 11 seasons (since 1990 until 2001).

Juanma Lopez
Juanma Lopez, one of the members of the historic doublet of 1995 (The world)

As we say, Juanma Lopez he was always accused of being too tough a footballer, but nevertheless, he always defended himself saying he never injured anyone. In fact, according to himself he commented in different interviews, suffered a serious knee injury to avoid stepping on an opponent (From Pedro, Real Sociedad footballer). This injury caused him problems for the rest of his career and, Finally, had to hang up his boots. In his record, a League and three King's Cups.


One of those who can add your name to this list is Koke Resurrection. Footballer Atletico Madrid He has developed his entire career at the rojiblanco club. At the moment, has renewed his contract until the year 2024, at that moment, will have 32 year old. We'll see if we can keep your name in this article., of course, it would be a good sign for the mattress fans and for himself.

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