PC Football, The game that changed our lives

PC Football, The game that changed our lives
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For those born in 80 there were a number of things that changed our lives and marked our childhood. One of them, especially for children futboleros, It was the saga of video games PC Football returning us crazy in 90.

The company responsible for creating this great football manager was dynamic Multimedia finally disappeared punishment of all who had such good times fichando and selling players, expanding stadiums and taking the most humble teams from the Second Division B until they become champions of Europe.

Definitely, for many attempts they have been subsequently by other companies, this is a game that was a real revolution and that many continue to enjoy thanks to some pages that have been commissioned to adapt them to current devices and computers, which we appreciate highly, such as the web clasicosbasicos.org who took the opportunity to recommend to all our readers.

The PC Football saga, one of the best football video game sagas in history

Personally, my first experience with the saga was PC Football 4.0 with those 4 diskettes 1/4 capacity that was needed to complete the installation before you can play. A) Yes, I was devouring the following 5.0, 6.0, PC Football 7… I could not wait that went on sale next with the legendary Michael Robinson on the cover to go buy the kiosk for an approximate price of 1.995 pesetas.

PC Football 4.0
PC to play Football 4.0 it was necessary to properly introduce two shields

Sure readers will remember those first editions in which it was necessary to introduce one of the shields to enter play, a way to complicate the pirating although still existed.

After many years remembering the PC Football nostalgically, as we said at the beginning of the article, Today you can relax playing and remember those wonderful years in which we invest so many hours to become the best coach in the world bringing our team to glory. You can download PC Football here.

Javier Argudo

PC Football changed my life.

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