PC Selection Spanish Euro 96, download and play on PC today

PC Selection Spanish Euro 96, download and play on PC today
Start screen of the PC Spanish National Championship game 96.

Last update March 24, 2020 by Javier Argudo

In previous articles we explain how to download and play games like mythical PC Football one he Winning Eleven in today's computers. Today we will devote a few minutes to another legendary game that marked our childhood. The PC Selection Spanish Euro 96, also dynamic Multimedia.

Euro 96
As many will remember, to access the game had to introduce two flags.

Football video games dynamic Multimedia They meant a before and after for a generation. The kids who discovered the sport in years 90, alucinábamos these 'manager’ which they allowed us to sign, sell and align our idols.

In 1996, coinciding with the Euro 96, the Spanish company launched a video game style very saga PC Football, which they were a bestseller. This time, also, we can become coaches of each of the 16 countries attending the final stage of that European which was held in England.

Euro 96
Main menu of the game. Very style of the PC Football.

The good news is that, once again, We can play these games mythical that we did spend many hours in front of the computer when we were kids. further, we can enjoy them on our current PCs without the need to install any type of emulator or anything similar. Thanks to the portal basic classics.

To download the game PC Selection Spanish Euro 96 click here. (not afraid and .exe file that we have downloaded and tested and does not contain any viruses).


Javier Argudo

PC Football changed my life.

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