PLAKKS, the revolutionary new football game table

PLAKKS, the revolutionary new football game table
PLAKKS, un juego que fomenta el 'buenrollismo' y la diversión.

Last update April 23, 2021 by Javier Argudo

We are Haritz and Jordi, the founders of Plakks, the revolutionary new football game table. We know from small and always wanted to create something together. A being so football fans was not surprising that we finished creating a football game 👌

The idea of Plakks It came through a video we saw in Social Networks on a board game board shaped but much larger than the Plakks. From there we create a football game that was a portable wooden board, who played with fingers and with our own rules. And that was especially easy to play and easy to learn.

⚒️ From there we made the first prototypes ourselves to teach our inner circle and try them to see what they thought the game. The truth is they loved (In fact many of us bought it when the intention was neither to sell) so we immediately we started to look for manufacturers / handlers of the area to make the first 300 games, and we did.

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Once we produced all these games began to promote it and move between esplais summer and football tournaments. Acceptance was immediate and 2 months had already sold everything made.

🚀 That's when we leave our respective jobs and assemble the company that we have today, to devote full time to the project and to launch properly decent game (with all its permissions, your brand, etc).

💵 We found a manufacturer that made us play as we wanted, with excellent quality and reasonable cost, and from there we set up a campaign Crowdfunding to fund a 'big' game production. The campaign was a success and managed to raise € 14,500, let us make all games we needed for a first roll.

Currently we have all the games manufactured and put on sale through our web


Plakks It is a fun little portable football, made of wood and they say that is addictive and buenrollismo 🙂 is played with fingers, that is to say, He is shooting the ball with your finger in order to score in the opposing goal.

Already have in your wardrobe many Spanish League teams and several of the best teams in Europe, and do not stop viciarse🔥

📝 How to play? VERY EASY: The aim is to score in the opponent's goal hitting the ball with your finger. Each shot. When MARKS GOL the opponent must be removed one of eleven 'sticks' of the board. Who run out of sticks LOSES!

PLAKKS football

👫 Who to play? With whoever you want, because this is a game for all ages! Children, teenagers, young boys, Adults, elderly… any opponent is good to throw a PLAKKS 👌⚽️ If you're stressed, at work, in the office, also we advise you to take a little game disconnect.

WHEN play? Any time is good because the last few games 5-10 minutes, Imagine what a party: We can repeat? 🎉 They say the ideal is to play before seeing the matches of the day to start getting into situation ... If you lose, sure your opponent will accept the rematch. And eye, because there is always someone who does not have good lose that just asks for the WHERE in PLAKKS 📺😂

🏟 WHERE play? For anywhere! It is a very portable board, which weighs very little and also folded in half, It is occupying no less so you can take it wherever you feel like playing 🚲

👕 What if, You can play with your FAVORITE TEAMS! Customize players dash with the colors of the most legendary T, giving it a unique and very professional touch to your PLAKKS.

To enjoy!


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