The best Ronaldo said goodbye to the league in his debut in Valladolid

The best Ronaldo said goodbye to the league in his debut in Valladolid
Ronaldo did not have a good experience in his debut in Pucela (Youtube)

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Ronaldo Nazario he was a great footballer. The Brazilian forged a successful career and surprised the soccer world in the mid-1990s. 90. The striker reached the FC Barcelona in the season 1996-1997 and took the trophy for top scorer in his debut scoring 34 goals (47 adding all competitions) some of them beautifully made that have gone down in the history of the competition.

But nevertheless, although it may seem strange, the FC Barcelona of Ronaldo failed to win the league title that went to Real Madrid. yes, was able to win the Recopa, the Copa del Rey and the Spanish Super Cup under the orders of Bobby Robson with his faithful translator Jose Mourinho.


One of the key parties and in which the Barça and Ronaldo said goodbye virtually to the league championship (it would be mathematical shortly after) was the one that was played in the New José Zorrilla of Valladolid a 16 April 1997. That day the group led by a classic, Vicente Cantatore, destroyed the culés who defeated by a forceful 3-1 that even fell short.

Although Ronaldo scored and put his team ahead of the 5 minutes, Fernando and a superb Víctor on two occasions turned the scoreboard taking advantage of the weakness of the Blaugrana defense with a Fernando Couto who had a pitiful performance. That day Ronaldo, Figo, De la Peña, Guardiola... succumbed to the pucelanos among which the young goalkeeper also stood out César Sánchez that stopped everything.

Ronaldo played a total of six games against him Real Valladolid (two with T-Shirt FC Barcelona and four with the Real Madrid) with a baggage of four victories, a draw and a single loss. He also scored six goals (he only remained unmarked on his last visit to the blanquivioleta fiefdom). However, he will never forget his first time as it was a very painful defeat..

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