The curious bond between Santiago Solari and Zinedine Zidane

The curious bond between Santiago Solari and Zinedine Zidane
Solari and Zidane celebrate a goal scored at the Camp Nou (

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The vagaries of fate and more specifically of the world of football sometimes causes links or parallels to be created between two people. It is the case Zinedine Zidane and Santiago Hernán Solari, two former footballers who currently serve as coaches.

The French career is well known to any soccer lover. Considered one of the best footballers in history, he got practically all the titles and awards both collectively and individually as a footballer and later as a coach.

Meanwhile, the Argentinian Solari, He was always one of those footballers that every coach wants to have on his squad but has never just been the undisputed starter. In fact, we can say that ‘El Indio’ he was one of the best players ‘number 12’ of his time since he always ended up participating in many games although in most cases jumping onto the pitch as a substitute.

Solari came to Spain to sign for him Atletico Madrid in which he played two seasons. In the season 1999-2000 was the one that played the most games as a starter during his career in Europe, but nevertheless, the mattress makers descended to the Second Division and that's when the Real Madrid he got his services.


With the merengue shirt he won several titles, among them two league titles, a Champions and an Intercontinental. Precisely in that final of the European Cup played in 2002 Glasgow is where the roads of Zidane and Solari get back together. The Argentine was a starter that day, disputed the 90 minutes and in his boots the play of the legendary French goal against Bayer Leverkusen since he is the one who gave the pass to Roberto Carlos before the Brazilian focused for the Frenchman's historic volley.

Santiago Solari
Santiago Solari at the time of the pass to Roberto Carlos that ends with Zidane's volley goal in the Glasgow final against Bayer Leverkusen (Getty)

Once his Madridista stage is over, Solari he went to Italy where he managed three leagues in three seasons in the Inter de Milan, again being a very used footballer but almost always starting from the bench, as it already happened in Madrid.


If it is missing little, so much Zidane as Solari have had in common the fact of having trained as coaches in the lower categories of the Real Madrid making the jump to the first team from the subsidiary, Real Madrid Castilla. We will see if the Argentinean also manages to match the Frenchman's successes at the helm of the Bernabéu team with which he managed, among other titles, three Champions League games in a row.


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