Marcelo Trobbiani, the world champion of Elche CF

Marcelo Trobbiani, the world champion of Elche CF
Trobbiani y TARANTINI, two stars in Boca de los 70 Y 80 (Pinterest)

Marcelo Trobbiani He is the only player in history who has managed to become champion of the world belonging to the discipline of Elche CF. It happened in the year 1986, at World Mexico.

But go to parties. Trobbiani was one of those early players usually give Argentine football. The skilful midfielder debuted Boca Juniors and the Albiceleste with only 17 year old.

After several seasons of great football in the league in his country it came time to make the leap to Europe. The surprise was when he was the Elche, at that time in First Division, which he was ahead of other clubs of greater economic potential.

In this way, Trobbiani changed the yellow strip of Boca by the looks green T-Shirt Elche CF who defended for four seasons.

Argentine footballer soon became a leader of his team and was one of the keys to the whole ilicitano keep the category in 1976-1977 something that could not repeat next season.

Trobbiani Elche
Trobbiani makes a center in a game against Elche CF (daily Information)

Despite the decline, Trobbiani He continued two more seasons in the Martínez Valero. But nevertheless, after two failed attempts to return to First Division, the Elche he transferred to Real Zaragoza where he did not perform at the same level.

Return to Boca where he met Diego Armando Maradona and he regained his best and became one of the leaders of the fans of set 'xerenize’.


It was in the campaign 1985-1986 when the Elche think again Trobbiani to strengthen its workforce. The footballer had gone through the Millonarios of Colombia and he faced forward to a new challenge in Spain. But it was not the same, much less.

But nevertheless, Marcelo Trobbiani He puts the name of Elche CF in the global showcase when world champion was proclaimed in Mexico '86. further, He had the privilege of playing in the final against Germany entering the final minute passing this way to history.

Trobbiani He left the Spanish League where he played 7 seasons in which he played 154 matches (139 in Elche and 15 Real Zaragoza) authoring 34 goals. Its tremendous quality and performance the franjiverde shirt make him one of the best players in club history ilicitano.

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