Auschwitz: The last game of the Polish Antoni Lyko

Auschwitz: The last game of the Polish Antoni Lyko
Antoni Łyko (

The Second World War It is undoubtedly the most destructive war in history. That war madness began with the German invasion of Poland. Country in the view of historian Roger Moorhouse He endured the brunt of the global conflict, If that, in some case, it could gauge the cruelty and pain.

Poland He was subjected to brutal depravity of racial ambitions of the third Reich. The Polish population was oppressed, classified and deported. Poles created the largest underground resistance movement and effective war, the ZWZ.

Antoni Łyko, “MAN nerveless”

Member of heroic resistance that was Antoni Łyko, "The man without nerves". A nickname that contrary to what might appear between all bitterness that Polish, not from him for not shake the fire a rifle or the escape of Nazi harassment, but his shot dribble tempered fine within the area of ​​a football field. Where everybody got nervous he showed an unequaled temple.

Light, fast and skillful, he soon emerge in professional football. With 23 years was signed by the Wisla Krakow, one of the most successful clubs in Poland. With the white star on the chest despuntaría of exceedingly, becoming organized by the Polish national team to contest the France World Cup 1938, the last major international turner held before the madness invaded Europe. From the bench he saw Brazil Leónidas She smashed to the Polish team, in spite of the 4 Goals from his partner Ernest Wilimovsky, months before his career and his country undid.

Antoni Łyko It was the subject of the ill-fated Polish Nazi extermination plan, drawn by the desire to annihilate the most educated population: thinkers, doctors, engineers, politicians, students and athletes. After being linked to the ZWZ He was arrested and deported to the concentration camp Auschwitz. He changed the number 11 stitched to a shirt by sport 11.780 painted on striped pajamas.

In that field of Horrors, Lyko He worked tirelessly, He was subjected, He was humiliated. The Nazis pointed to the illustrious inmates to denigrate, to dishonor their outstanding skills. They were searching for the literati to make them recite, They are seeking politicians to preach them ... seeking to make the players play football. With all firm intention of harming them where beatings and weapons did not arrive. They submitted them in what they loved, the they are sinking psychologically for their own divertimento.

The 2 June 1941, Antoni Łyko It was selected for a game against the Nazis, one of the soldiers called themselves as "death matches", where defeat was usually punishable by death. Encouraged by Polish prisoners, Lyko boots squeezed harder than ever, He was not willing to suffer another humiliation, means balloon it would not laugh.

“Most of the time, Poles were too afraid to make a goal, because after the game he could get hit chiefs. Before the match I asked him to make two goals to the Germans. I promised even cigarettes. Lyko fulfilled its part of the deal”.

Czeslaw Sowula, Polish political prisoner at Auschwitz survivor

Unfortunately he never got to enjoy this coveted prize. The next night he was selected to be part of the grisly culmination of a Nazi party, the killing of eighty prisoners belonging to the elite of Polish society.

In an act of unparalleled pundonor, Antoni Łyko collective execution he resisted and tried to stand up twice. To placate the heroic act himself Hauptsurmführer Karl Fritzsch, half drunk and came up with his handgun was executed to the delight of their own.

Nerveless man died, barefoot, with naked torso and hands wired. Recalling his footballing success, the World Cup in France and their last two goals, which they made him happier, which churned a Nazi goalkeeper.

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