Why is one Bayer and the other Bayern?

Why is one Bayer and the other Bayern?

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The German Bundesliga has a clear dominator who is none other than the Bayern Munich. But nevertheless, many times, the name of the Bavarian team is confused with that of one of their rivals, the Bayer Leverkusen.

The origin of the name of the Bayern Munich it's very simple. Munich is the third city in terms of number of inhabitants in Germany and is located in the state of Bavaria (which in German is Bayern). For example, It is as if in Spain there was a team called Andalucía de Sevilla.


Meanwhile, the Bayer Leverkusen It has nothing to do with the club where great stars like Franz Beckenbauer played, Sepp Maier and Gerd Muller. to get started, Both cities, Leverkusen and Munich, are separated by almost 500 kilometers of distance.

As we all know, in Leverkusen the pharmaceutical company is headquartered Bayer, that gives name to the club of said city. In fact, the club was founded in 1904 by some employees of said company and, the shield itself, contains that of the German multinational supported by two lions on both sides.

Bayer Pharmaceutical Offices in the United States.

The record of the Bayer far from his rival. Just one German Cup and one UEFA Cup they rest in their showcases. yes, came very close to winning a Champions League when he reached the final of the season 2001-2002 although he ended up losing against Real Madrid in what meant the ninth ‘orejona’ for the meringue club. He has also been runner-up in the Bundesliga on five other occasions.

As we say, confusing the name of both clubs is something more common than it seems. In fact, even great footballers have had this lapse. Without going further, Neymar Jr, after losing the Champions League final against Bayern Munich, congratulated Bayer. The aspirin club did not miss the opportunity to joke with the Brazilian crack.


With this article we hope that all soccer fans are clear about the difference between Bayern Y Bayer to avoid this type of confusion between both names.

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