When Jesus Gil Donato fired because he was a “lame old medium”

When Jesus Gil Donato fired because he was a “lame old medium”
Donato during his time at Atletico Madrid (Sports world)

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Figure Jesus Gil as chairman of Atletico Madrid He went down in history for good and bad. Clearly the maximum rojiblanco president struggled to cope with Real Madrid Y Barcelona and I must say that at some stage of his mandate got (double in the season 1995-1996) but also he lived nefarious moments (relegation to the Second Division in the 1999-2000) and regrettable statements like the one dedicated to Donato, protagonist of this article.

To talk of Jesus Gil We need several items and still not be enough. Today we will try one of those unfortunate episodes that starred Atletico president. In the season 1988-1989 He came to Atletico Madrid a Brazilian 26 year-old Donato Gama da Silva which he had managed to stand in the Brazilian league in the rows of Vasco de Gama with which cariocas had won three championships.

Donato and Jesus Gil
Donato and Jesus Gil day in which Brazil signed his contract with Atletico Madrid (Popuheads)

“It's a cheapie. In addition to old and half lame”

At Calderon but he had a good track record and after 5 seasons won two Cups and became a permanent fixture with all coaches (there were many). But nevertheless, with 30 years and an injury that doubted his recovery, Jesus Gil decided it was time to let go of that “starving” as he came to call once in public because also already found “old and half lame”.

Under such conditions, Donato I had to pack up and make a living on another computer. Upon arrival at 'Super Dépor’ It was received with skepticism by the coruñesa fans and Gil's speech on that player had penetrated deep. I did not know anyone at the moment is that the Brazilian midfielder was recording his name with golden letters in the history of the club.


In his first season he fits perfectly into that team led by Arsenio Iglesias with illustrious names like Liaño, Djukic, Mauro Silva O Bebeto. The team touched the glory and stood at the gates proclaimed league champion in the last round after drawing against Valencia and have a penalty in the last minute of the match.

From there, a decade of success in Riazor. Donato He defended the t-shirt Depor during 10 seasons in which the club won the 6 titles in its history (2 Copas del Rey, 3 Super Cups and a League). Precisely Donato was the main protagonist scoring the first two goals with his team beat Espanyol proclaimed champion of the League 1999-2000. That same season, as we said at the beginning of the article, Atletico Madrid Jesus Gil descended to Second Division.

Depor champions
Donato celebrates his goal against Espanyol on that Depor won the League 1999-2000 (uncheck)

That “viejo, lame half” He hung up his boots 40 years and became abroad with most appearances in the history of the Spanish League. further, It was international with Spain and was called up for Euro him 1996 by Javier Clemente. Jesus Gil he made a mistake with that output umpteenth tone and lack of respect for a player who became a legend.

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