When the Granada had to Mazurkiewicz, Best goalkeeper in the world, but he did not use it

When the Granada had to Mazurkiewicz, Best goalkeeper in the world, but he did not use it
Mazurkiewicz in World Cup match 1974 against the Netherlands Johan Cruyff (Taringa)

There are stories and cases in football who have no explanation. One of the most striking with whom we have met and we tell you today is to Ladislao Mazurkiewicz Iglesias, Uruguay archer played in the ranks of Granada for two seasons in which he played a total of… Two games!

To get an idea of ​​how amazing the case we state the facts in chronological order. Mazurkiewicz It is considered by most experts as the best South American goalkeeper of all time. It was international by Uruguay at the World 1966, 1970 (where he was named best goalkeeper) Y 1974.


In fact, in addition to his brilliant career especially in Peñarol, with that 1966 won the Copa Libertadores against River Plate and Intercontinental against Real Madrid, the goal is known as the goalkeeper in the famous play Dodge Skin in World 1970 He not ends in goal for good little.

To everyone's surprise, Uruguayan goalkeeper was booked once the World Cup 1974 for him Granada CF who was then active in the Spanish Primera Division. The Andalusians had well ahead of major clubs were left with a span of noses to see as the best goalkeeper in the world at that time signed for the club Nazari.

Granada CF Substitute goalkeeper score

Obviously, which he was being goalkeeper of Granada the previous season, Francisco Javier Izkoa, he assumed that he would play now suck bench and to compete with a “bug” as Mazurkiewicz It was little more than an impossible mission. But to everyone's surprise, Granada coach at that time, Joseíto, He gave the Spanish title that disputed 32 of the 34 League matches. The other two were for Uruguay.

Uruguayan goalkeeper to the threat of German Muller in the match for third and fourth place in the World 1970 (fotbollsklassiker.se)

The Granada avoided relegation that season 1974-1975 by the hair (He finished with the same points as the Málaga it was he who descended to Second Division). Faced with this situation as the limit, Nazari directors decided to change coach. Joseíto left and came Miguel Muñoz.

But nevertheless, to everyone's surprise again, the new technical not only did not have Mazurkiewicz but gave ownership to a young inexperienced 19 years newcomer to the club, José Antonio Puente. If the first season Uruguayan international played 2 matches, in the 1975-1976 He did not play any so at the end of the same (with decrease of Granada included) He decided to leave.

The former goalkeeper success Racing, Penarol and Atletico Mineiro, Cobreloa played in (Chile), America de Cali (Colombia) and he ended his career back on Peñarol where is a legend.

But nevertheless, no one has known never explain why he had no chance in the Granada and unfortunately none of the protagonists can explain ever since both Joseíto, Miguel Muñoz as himself Ladislao Mazurkiewicz They left us a few years ago.

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