T-shirt SD Eibar, the rojiblanco the Barca

T-shirt SD Eibar, the rojiblanco the Barca
SD Eibar formation in the years 70 (Photo: glorioso.net)

History SD Eibar It is full of difficulties and overcoming. The beginnings were not easy and eibartarra entity suffered a great time to get ahead especially after the Civil War that is when they merged the Deportivo Gallo and the UD ideals forming Eibar Soccer Club back in 1940. Shortly after the entity adopts the name of SD Eibar that has lasted until today.


Initially, the uniform used by the club to play its games was red and white shirt and black pants, inspired by the Athletic Club of Bilbao. In fact, back in 1911 a player of the Bilbao club born in Eibar, Pedro Mandiola, It was the first to promote football in his hometown.

As we say, the beginnings were not easy and SD Eibar, cohabiting with another team in town, the Education and Rest Eibar, They not just take off and both teams were competing in minor categories.

Barca shirt

That was when the Federation Guipuzcoana tries to give a boost to the club will supply of kits and sports equipment in 1943. On this occasion, these shirts were colored Barca so the club happens to use those colors to today.

The club was growing gradually since then. In 1947 It is inaugurated Stadium Ipurua, fact that makes grow the social mass that supports the team. Finally in season 49-50 Preferred champion is proclaimed and manages to sneak into Third Division. It soon becomes one of the cockerels in this category to achieve promotion to Second season 1952-1953.

Since then, history SD Eibar He has been full of ups and downs but has always been characterized as a fighter and humble club. In the years 90 It became a classic of Second Division (I came to military 18 consecutive seasons) and soon after he managed to get into becoming the first team of all football lovers romantic, azulgranas wearing their colors with pride by the great Spanish football stadiums.


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