Juan Hohberg, the player who died, He was revived and continued playing

Juan Hohberg, the player who died, He was revived and continued playing
Hohberg at the time which had to be resuscitated (Infobae)

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The world of football is full of unusual and incredible stories, more typical of a Film screenplay, that they deserve to be told. The protagonist of one of them is Juan Hohberg.

Football player, He born in Argentina, Uruguay was nationalized and defended the jersey the Uruguayan team in the World Cup finals in Switzerland 1954. As for clubs, the striker became a benchmark in Peñarol where he spent most of his career quarreling 193 games scoring more nor less than 283 goals becoming a club legend.

But the most amazing moment in the race, and we can say without fear of contradiction in the life of Juan Hohberg, It occurred in the semifinals of World 1954 that faced the combined Uruguay and then to Hungary powerful that had players like Puskas or carter among others and was the favorite to lift the title.

Juan Hohberg died and rose again in a matter of seconds

Hungarians overcame the meeting by 2-0 but it was then appeared to figure charrúa striker scored twice equalized carrying the net. It was in celebration of the second goal when, prey to the euphoria of the moment, Hohberg He suffered cardiac arrest. His companions who embraced soon realized that something was wrong and alerted the medical services rushed to serve you. The footballer was killed a few moments later as recognized Carlos Abate, the person who performed resuscitation exercises.

Uruguay striker spare and wanted to play, something that was obviously not advisable, but the score was 2-2 and the meeting was leaving the extension. Hohberg did not want to leave his team with one less player and insisted on continuing and he did but unfortunately for him and for the rest of his team, Hungarians managed to score two goals and were ultimately imposed by 4-2 accessing the sending end and Uruguay the consolation final.

So much Hungary as Uruguay They lost their respective finals. Hungarians fell against Germany, which he was proclaimed champion of the world. Meanwhile, charrúas lost by 3-1 before Austria in that World Cup qualifying quarters. But nevertheless, this championship will always be remembered by the story of the player who was killed a few moments, He revived and continued playing not to abandon his companions.


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