The most controversial celebrations history

The most controversial celebrations history
Fowler and his famous celebration with Liverpool (kaysermagaz to)

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The goal is that great friend that every footballer wants. The football history it is riddled with moments of tension that are suddenly released with the ecstasy produced by that precise moment in which the ball crosses the line and not everyone knows how to behave properly when revolutions and adrenaline are at their peak. We review some of the most controversial celebrations in football history.


most controversial celebrations
It is one of the most famous and biggest stir up. Liverpool striker was always a peculiar and controversial player however in this celebration is spent braking. Days ago he had been accused of taking an unhealthy life and when he managed to score did not hesitate to kneel and simulate snorting the bottom line of Anfield. He was sentenced to 4 unplayed matches and the club had to pay a heavy fine.


The controversy haunted Schuster throughout his career. This time the German player did not hesitate to dedicate a “peineta” the Real Madrid fans after a goal for his team. curiously, then she joined together white (besoccer)


Leandro Machado
Leandro Machado, Valencia striker, He emulated a dog defecating after scoring a goal at the Vicente Calderon something that did not sit well with the Atletico fans (Brand)


Raul silences the Camp Nou
Raul sent silenced the Camp Nou after scoring the goal that meant the tie on the edge of the end, a gesture that has been made on many occasions but at that time and a classic had much impact and created controversy (RTVE)

Di Canio fascist salute AND

The most controversial celebrations
Di Canio did not hesitate to make the fascist salute to the fans of the Lazio after a derby against Roma. Undoubtedly one of the most controversial celebrations are remembered (sdna).


The most controversial celebrations
The Brazilians Ronaldo, Robinho and Roberto Carlos followed suit a cockroach in a celebration at the stadium Mendizorroza that did not please the fans of Alaves (Brand)


Gascoigne Scotland
Paul Gascoigne was always a controversial footballer. During his career he was accused of abusing alcohol. After scoring a great goal against Scotland in the Eurocup 1996, simulated with his companions, be playing a game known as ‘The dentist's chair’, yes, instead of alcohol he drank water. The celebration, Of course, had his controversy (Brand)




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