The record of expulsions of a team in a match of the Spanish League

The record of expulsions of a team in a match of the Spanish League
RCD Mallorca has the 'honor' of being the team that received expulsions in one game (

The season 1986-1987 was that of the famous playoffs that ended up being a complete failure. Fortunately, that experiment lasted a single season since it was a real botch that was improvising on the fly as explained in another article. further, that course had an encounter that made history as it marked the record expulsions a team in the league.

The party in question faced RCD Espanyol (by then Spanish) y al RCD Mallorca a 13 June 1987. The Spaniard set still had hopes of qualifying to contest the UEFA Cup but, for it, should win at the legendary and disappeared Estadio Sarria.

The week had been warm with a crossing of declarations between technicians of both sets: Javier Clemente was the coach of parakeets while Lorenzo Serra Ferrer he sat on the bench at the time vermilion.

Things started to go wrong for the visitors soon. In the minute 27, the Higuera package He received a second yellow card and was the first to thread the tunnel ahead of time. And if that was not enough, in the minute 40, local they marked his first goal work Ernesto Valverde and before the break Miquel Soler achieved the 2-0. The match was practically sentenced.


That's when things started to get complicated. The game was hardened, and the players from both teams began to make entries dangerous. Hassan, Mallorca footballer, It was the second evening also expelled for a second yellow in the minute 64. This, far from placate we made to follow the same course.

The sad protagonist of the game, the referee Caetano Good, Finished run the RCD Mallorca in the minute 70 with a triple (you read that right) expulsion. Chano, Pepe Bonit and Orejuela They were sent to the locker room and stayed with vermilion 6 players on the pitch (with the current regulations at the time the match would have ended).

The goals of RCD Espanyol They continued to fall (Pineda, Golobart Y Pichi Alonso) to close the scoring with a resounding 5-0. We were at the record of expulsions of a team in a match of Primera Division, something that may not exceed any other because today no one can play with less than 7 football players. But nevertheless, that day Mallorca He ended with 6 on the grass.

Like is logic, record that expulsions had its immediate impact on the media. José María García He managed an interview with the technicians of both sets was most tense. Javier Clemente He blamed Serra Ferrer the behavior of their players while wearing remind many years training at first as he had just arrived. The Wonder 80.

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