Big clubs that have never won the League of their country

Big clubs that have never won the League of their country
Bayer Leverkusen from the beginning of the century came very close to winning both the Bundesliga and the Champions League (Photo: Bundesliga)

Winning a League is a very complicated challenge. Proof of this is that there are several historical clubs that they have never managed to win the League of their country. In this article we review some of the most striking examples:


The West Ham It is one of the most mythical clubs in England. The London team is one of those with the most supporters around the world and is a classic in the Premier League. Not in vain, occupies the tenth position of the historical classification, but nevertheless, he has never managed to win the league title of his country.

Bobby Moore West Ham
The West Ham of the 60, fronted by Bobby Moore (West Ham)

In his track record we find important titles such as three FA Cup (1964, 1975 Y 1980), una Community Shield (1964) and including one Cup Winners Cup (1965). But nevertheless, the dream of Hammers it is still lifting a league title. Let's hope they get it.


Another of the classics of European football. The Bayer Leverkusen It is a fixture in European competitions, either in Champions League or Europa League. further, is one of the teams that usually occupy the top positions in the Bundesliga every season, but nevertheless, he has never been able to win a league in his country.

In the early years of the decade of the 2000, the german set, that had soccer players like Ballack, Ze Roberto O Neuville, lost the Champions League final, the League title and the Cup final in practically 10 days. His only titles are a German Cup (1993) and a UEFA Cup (1988). He has been runner-up in the Bundesliga up to five times.


The RCD Espanyol It is one of the most important clubs in the Spanish LaLiga. He was one of the creators of the domestic competition in the season 1928-1929 and he has only missed five seasons in the top flight.

occupies the seventh position of the historical classification but he has not been able to lift any League either. The parakeets they are a historically cupbearing team. Not in vain, they have won four titles and have played another four finals. The league will have to wait.

Copa del Rey 2000
RCD Espanyol Cup champion in the year 2000 (Hricde)


One of the teams that made Europe fall in love at the end of the 90 It was the mythical Parma of Buffon, Cannavaro, Veron, Thuram, crepe and company. But nevertheless, the italian set, another European football classic, was left without being able to win any Serie A title.

they never won the League of their country
Best Parma history (Sports world)

His record is not bad at all: three Italian Cups, UEFA Cups, one Cup Winners Cup and European Super Cup. yes, the big thorn for all the fans is not having won a league title, the closest was the runner-up of the season 1996-1997.

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