Christmas truce that halted the First World War

Christmas truce that halted the First World War
Soldiers on both sides disputing a party while others observe quietly (blogs personals)

Nothing is worse than war. From time immemorial, Man has fought many battles that are part of history and we would like to erase from our memory but it is impossible. But nevertheless, in the drama of this type of military confrontations, there are little stories that fill us with hope. Known as Christmas Truce is one of them.

The 24 from December to 1914, during the World War I and in the confrontation between the two sides, German troops and the English were apostillaban on the battlefield prepared for an alleged attack the next day. Nothing is further from reality. The German soldiers began singing carols and decorate their trenches and some trees. This made the British rub off this Christmas spirit and started to do the same. Both they agreed on a Christmas truce that made history.

The fighters exchanged gifts (basically whiskey and cigarettes). In addition a massive football game was played thanks, as account, a ball a Scottish soldier carried with him on the same battlefield where soldiers a day before either side had died. In fact, this ceasefire also served for the fallen were buried.

Christmas Truce
UEFA decided to make this sculpture to commemorate the Christmas Truce 1914 (Telemundo Sports)

All these facts were reflected and documented thanks to letters sent their young family. In some of them we speak of this historic match is even possible appointment German victory by 3 goals 2 although in those circumstances the outcome, like is logic, was the least important.

This truce made no grace to the military high command. In fact, It was not approved by any of them who undertook not be repeated again next year warning that something like this would have serious consequences. But nevertheless, that 24 from December to 1914 football and good will of those soldiers served to stop the war.

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