The biggest win for Real Murcia in the First Division

The biggest win for Real Murcia in the First Division
Abbot and the 'Bull' Gil, authors of three goals each in Real Murcia's victory at La Romareda in 1981 (Photo: Real Murcia)

The Real Murcia arrived as Zaragoza bottom to face the local team in La Romareda. The Murcians closed the classification with 12 points, the same as Almería (at that time the victories counted two points and not three as at present). It was the day 20 of the national championship of League 1980-1981 and the maños promised them very happy since their rival was conducive to achieving a victory that would take them away from dangerous positions.

La mayor goleada del Real Murcia en la máxima categoría del fútbol español

Nothing is further from reality. That day the set grana made one of the best games in its history. In fact, if we only rely on the marker, it was. The visitors took control of the victory by a humiliating 1-6 freezing the zaragocista parish. That 18 of January of 1981 two granas players stood out as clear protagonists scoring three goals each, Century and Brazilian ‘Toro’ Gil.

That tremendous and historic victory was of little use to the Real Murcia who ended up descending to the Second Division by finishing second to last that season with 23 points ahead of Salamanca and Almería that accompanied him to the silver category. That squad was made up of players like Rubiñán or the Argentine Chazarreta, in addition to those already mentioned Century Y Gil, led on the bench by José Víctor first and Irulegui later.

Un Real Zaragoza decepcionante

Meanwhile, the Real Zaragoza had a disappointing season after a more than exciting start. The blanquillos started with 4 consecutive victories in the first 4 days so leaders were placed. But nevertheless, The team of Villanova (which was replaced in the last days by Leo Beenhakker) he had to settle for saving the category despite having good players at that time as Camus, Pichi Alonso, Victor Muñoz, Guerra is or Jorge Valdano himself.

it has rained a lot since then, but the most veteran of both teams surely remember the setback that it meant for some and the tremendous joy that the others took that January afternoon in Zaragoza. As we say, although the Real Murcia has played many seasons in the First Division, that day he achieved the biggest victory in its history in the First Division and went, surely, one of the least expected days.

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