Teams led Marbella advertising on their shirts and maybe you do not remember

Teams led Marbella advertising on their shirts and maybe you do not remember
Real Valladolid is one of the 'surprises' on this list.

Marbella was very present in Spanish football in the years 90. Jesus Gil, President of Atletico Madrid since 1987 until 2001, managed mayor of the city 1991 and he did not hesitate when promoting it. We review some of the teams that wore this name on their shirts.


Like is logic, the club colchonero was the first to stamp the name of Marbella in the red and white fur coat. In fact, for those of us who knew football in 90 it was something as Atlético as the colors themselves.

Atletico Madrid Marbella
Futre, the great star of Atlético de Jesús Gil, wearing the Marbella advertising shirt (Sports world)


The tentacles of Jesus Gil began to expand the brand Marbella for the rest of the Spanish League. A) Yes, Sevilla put this name on their shirt in a couple of seasons mid the decade of the 90.

Davor Suker Sevilla
Davor Suker, one of the best Sevilla players of the 90 (uncheck)


The Seville outfit was not the only one to screen-print their shirt with Marbella. Its Betic neighbors also did it and walked the name of the Andalusian city throughout Spain.

Real Betis Marbella
A mythical Real Betis, Rafa Gordillo (Sports stadium)


The list starts to get pretty ‘heavy’. Far from settling for sponsoring Andalusian teams, Marbella It was also placed on the shirt of a team as far from the city as the Real Valladolid.

Real Valladolid
Real Valladolid coach, Vicente Cantatore, along with the new team signings in the season 1995-1996 (Real Valladolid)


Atletico Marbella
Atlético Marbella himself is one of those who could not miss on this list (Marbella 24 hours )


If they thought the list ended with soccer, they were very wrong. One of the strangest sponsorships was the Youth of Badalona. The ACB basketball team not only affixed the name to his jersey, it was renamed Marbella Youth.

Marbella Youth
Two mythicals like Sabonis and Ferran Martínez fight for the ball in a Real Madrid-Joventut de Badalona (Ferran Martinez)


Finally, Jesus Gil, top leader of the Atletico Madrid and mayor of the city of Marbella was sentenced by the Malaga Court to 28 years of disqualification for prevarication and diversion of public funds to the coffers of the club. Like is logic, this sentence caused him to leave the mayor's office in the year 2002.


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