Racism in football: “In the black that cut his throat”

Racism in football: “In the black that cut his throat”
The Valencia Train on its stage at Bayern Munich (Soccer)

Although little by little society is improving in this regard, the racism is still very present. World football, Unfortunately, It is not an exception and although important steps continue to be taken, the truth is that it is still a serious problem to be solved.

In stadiums all over the world there are still moments that cause us great sadness and shame that show that racism in football is still a pending issue. But nevertheless, it is still much more serious when racists are not the ‘fans’ but the footballers themselves or even the managers of a certain club.

It is the case Jesus Gil, the one who was for a long time president of the Club Atlético de Madrid. The maximum rojiblanco leader starred in a thousand and one anecdotes during his tenure at the head of the Manzanares club and in one of them, as usual, nothing was right in his statements.

Adolfo ‘The Train’ Valencia

In the season 1994-1995 (one before historic double) A Colombian striker named Atlético arrived Adolfo 'The train’ Valencia. The coffee attacker had excelled in the league of his country and had a good season in Bayern de Munich German. But nevertheless, the player never adapted to the climate or the language of Germany and, although the team led by Franz Beckenbauer Champion of the Bundesliga came out and Valencia achieved a good number of goals (11) left the club heading to Spain.

Valencia train
Adolfo Valencia with the Atlético shirt next to great legends like Simeone or Caminero (As Colombia)

Things did not go well for him at Atlético and after a streak of 5 matches without winning (and unmarked) the rojiblanco team was in a difficult situation. On President, Jesus Gil, exploded in the media after a zero draw in Las Gaunas against a CD Logrones he was virtually descended. And he took it with the Colombian: “The black cut his neck. Falls like a lady. See if they really kill him”.

Jesús Gil speaks about racism in English

The most ‘curious’ was to see Gil in front of the media talking about the racism in more than rudimentary English. The video has remained forever in the memory of those who began to know football in those years 90 where Spanish football had these such peculiar presidents.

Like is logic, the coffee maker abandoned athletic discipline at the end of the season and returned where he played in Santa Fe and América de Cali among other teams.

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