When Denilson turned white when he saw Lopera

When Denilson turned white when he saw Lopera
Lopera day Denilson presentation as new player of Real Betis (Brand)

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The Real Betis He bursts to the bench this season 1998-1999 when he officially announced the signing of Denilson by 5.300 million pesetas (more of 30 millions of euros) with contract 10 seasons. Brazil, coming del Sao Paulo, He became the star signing of the summer and Lopera, President bético, he would not allow the player who passed the line and will offset on things that did not have to do with playing football.

But nevertheless, the performance of the Brazilian player was not expected but dressed 7 seasons the verdiblanca shirt quarreling over 200 official matches until he was traded to the Girondins French.


One of the most memorable anecdotes happened a couple of seasons after the arrival of Denilson al Betis. The president learned of a rumor, He was being held on a feast of Halloween in the House of Benjamín, first team player. There were the vast majority of players of the first team.

When this news reached the ears of the president, he did not hesitate to call Juande Ramos, the coach at that time, and they both went over there. As he told Lopera in the program The spar: “We learned that there was a party at the home of Benjamin and we went right away. We were inside the car and did not stop there and get girls so players… we went to in”.

When Benjamín he saw the president could not believe. He tried not to go but Lopera I was more than determined to see what was going on there with their own eyes. President continues his story: “Juande and enter the first door and we opened… there had naked girls doing… physical exercise”.

Denilson is white put the watch Lopera”

Several players have had that mythical party in various TV shows. Joaquín own, who had just climbed to the first team a year ago, tells what happened: “Denilson saw when entering the presi turned white. He tried to jump out the window because he said that if Lopera saw him there did not pay him”.

The most serious aspect of the matter for the president is that the team played an important game San Mames 48 hours later (match ended scoreless). Nonetheless, the Real Betis He made a more than worthy campaign finishing in sixth place and qualified for European competition dispute. Halloween party at the home of Benjamin It was history and its protagonists remember her laughing now but at the time caused much excitement in the environment bético.


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