Charnego Internatiolaff Soccer, the most asshole soccer video game

Charnego Internatiolaff Soccer, the most asshole soccer video game

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Madrid or Barça. Messi the Cristiano. FIFA O PES. Modern football seems to pose unavoidable dichotomies for us, Going artificially towards a segmentation or another of a product. Yes, we have a sport at the height of its history but, At what price?

Disquisitions aside and focusing on soccer video games, the dawn of 90 they hadn't even seen FIFA Football or Pro Evolution Soccer, and the computers and consoles of the time received, british accent, one of the most acclaimed games of its generation: Sensible Soccer. Charnego Internatiolaff Soccer It is a tribute, or maybe a punch in the liver to that game.

We are Charnego Translations. You may know us from our previous works as The Lellenda de la Cerda (sic), Yonkey Island, Tecmo Atleti, The Litri in search of the lost Odrogoban and other attacks on culture. In collaboration with prestigious (lie) studios like Frikipedia Networks and Enloartolameza Studios are working on a middle finger that stands in the hand against modern football, an eternally unfinished work from the mundane to the scurvy. retro football, beer and fries. There are no Cristianos Ronaldos here (since it would be impossible for image rights), but a wet Mikasa ball directly to your face.

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For who knows Sensible Soccer (the "Sensi") the gameplay of Charnego Internatiolaff Soccer it will be familiar: uncompromising football that offers a direct and fully arcade experience in overhead view. Twenty two players, a dance ball and no questions to answer. What does this game have to contribute? Well, the usual slum style and bad taste that the Charnegas productions offer. Already missing equipment, stupid picks, hurtful comments are some of the characteristics that will define it, as well as raw ketchup leaping when a particularly virulent entry occurs.

The possibilities of the game are practically equal to the one you intend to imitate: friendly matches or one or two player tournaments (or none, if you just want to watch the game), unlimited possibilities when adding new equipment, although this time with a mode of better difficulty so that the ball does not run away at the first sudden break that we try. For now there is no possibility of online play.

The cast of ideologues contains habitual suspects: Laff Y Krusher, to micros and programming and graphics respectively. Instrument (musical) in hand we have a new addition, the artist Anton Sapristi, that puts the melodies to the game. Among them Strange Costume, which becomes the new Song 2 for this generation. In the backstage, Chrono waits in a strange dream.

So that, Do you want to sing “goal in Las gaunas” or play with Oliver and Benji in the Japanese team? In any case, it's about having a good time outside the maremagnum of media figures, television rights and beach bars of various kinds.

Charnego Internatiolaff Soccer
Japanese team with Oliver and Benji, Of course.

The game can be downloaded for free here and is offered under the GPL2 license, based on the YSoccer project code. Works on any platform capable of running Java, mainly Windows, Linux Y MacOS. Still being an eternally endless work (e interminable) our promise is to add features, equipment and new bellows to the best of our ability.

Charnego Translations

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