Emilio Butragueno and his curious relationship with Cádiz CF

Emilio Butragueno and his curious relationship with Cádiz CF
Magico Gonzalez and Emilio Butragueno, two legends of Cádiz and Real Madrid respectively (OdioEternoAlFútbolModerno)

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Emilio Butragueño he led one of the best generations of players of Spanish football. Known as 'La Quinta del Vulture’ He was able to dominate the league for many years giving big wins to Real Madrid, among them, five league championships in a row.

His father took him to perform tests to enter the ranks of Real Madrid but initially it was ruled. Emílio had to go to Atletico Madrid, merengue eternal rival, but only he trained for 3 days since his father insisted on trying again until finally accepted the white box.

Pichichi Second Division

Gradually he was standing out in the factory to achieve Castile, madridista branch. In the season 1983-1984, with only 20 year old, Emilio Butragueño Pichichi Second Division proclaimed after scoring 21 goals. further, the second team Real Madrid He was champion of silver division but, like is logic, He could not ascend to First Division.

In that team were players like Sanchis, Míchel, Martin Vazquez, Pardeza or Butragueno own. They made the leap to the first team integrating madridista which was known as 'Quinta del Vulture’ by the nickname he received the small front.


That same season 1983-1984 It was the debut of Butragueño in the first team Real Madrid. The picture directed by a legend as Alfredo Di Stéfano He traveled to Ramón de Carranza to face Cádiz CF a party for Week number 22 League.

break, Cadiz earned by 2-0 with goals from Benito Y Mejias. The Real Madrid needed a spark and his coach decided to give input to this young man of golden curls. Emilio Butragueño He had a dream debut by scoring two goals, along with that of Galician, They served to turn around the marker and his team got the victory 2-3. Definitely, that 5 February 1984 a star was born.

THE BEST GOAL OF Emilio Butragueno

But his curious relationship with Cádiz CF not end that day. Back in February but 1987, 'The vulture’ He scored a goal that went down in history as one of the most beautiful in the history of Real Madrid and surely the best of the race '7’ White.

It was the second leg of Copa del Rey and the tie was sentenced. It was the sixth goal Real Madrid who won 6-1 but dodges in a tile, He left sitting as the defenders and the goalkeeper Jaro with little space on the same bottom line, They made the audience draw their white handkerchiefs shouting Torero, TORERO!

Emilio Butragueno always he showed a special affection for the Cádiz CF. In fact, it came to speculate on his move when he left the club Cadiz Real Madrid but the Spanish striker discipline did not want to wear any shirt that was not the Real Madrid in the Spanish League and accepted a juicy offer Atletico Celaya Mexican where he performed at a high level.

Finally, after 12 seasons meringue set in which one was crowned the top scorers in the club's history, Emilio Butragueño He managed to raise lots of titles including 6 Suspenders, 2 UEFA Cups, 2 Copas del Rey, 4 Super Cups and one League Cup. further, It was top scorer in the season 1990-1991.

Of course, during all these years so bright was one of the most prominent players Spanish selection with which he was present in two World and two Eurocopas. Especially notable was his performance in Mexico '86 in the match against Denmark in which scored 4 goals.

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