Legend Tittyshev, the fan who made his debut for West Ham

Legend Tittyshev, the fan who made his debut for West Ham
Time when Davis makes debut with West Ham United (Photo: Canal Plus)

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The world of football has left us the most bizarre stories along its history. As they say, everyone knows football and is very common for fans of a certain team warm up on more than one occasion and scold his players or coach for a play or decision. One made history in the summer of 1994 in the preseason of the West Ham.

That day fought a preseason game ‘los Hammers’, Premier League team, and modest Oxford City, an amateur club that militated in regional English. Had moved there a group of fans of the London club they saw as the meeting lacked rhythm, quite common in this type of event summery.

The fan legend who made his West Ham debut

The West Ham He had suffered three injuries in the first part, something quite strange, and technical Harry Redknapp, He had been forced to make three changes. Thus it began the second half and the game remained so tedious Steve Davis, one of the fans who had traveled to watch the game, He began to get impatient and take it with striker hammer, Lee Chapman.

The attacker was not too lucky that day and Davis began screaming from the band: “Chapman burro, up the ass”. Coincidence or not, Chapman also suffered an injury and had to retire from the field so the West Ham He would have to dispute what was meeting with one less player on the field.

It was then that Redknapp, surely fed cries of Davis, He approached the band without a hair cut said: “Do you think you would do better?”. Nor amateur cowering and answered emphatically: “Of course yes”. In this way, England coach ordered the material responsible for the West Ham to accompany the amateur costumes as it was to play. A few minutes later, Davis entered the pitch with dorsal 3 To the back.

Harry Redknapp makes his debut for an amateur
Moment when Harry Redknapp chat with the fan in the stands (Photo: Canal Plus)

‘Tittyshev’ debut with West Ham

Everyone stood perplexed. Teammates and opponents were unaware of the identity of the new player. In fact, the manager changes announced over the PA had to ask the name of the player who had just entered the pitch itself what Harry Redknapp answered: “Have not you seen the World? This is Tittyshev, Bulgarian!”. Thus was born the legend Tittyshev.

But the adventure did not end here. Although the front of the improvised West Ham he suffered a lot to keep up a match with professionals, he got his big moment in the encounter. In a lost ball within the area, Davis (Tittyshev), Topped and introduced the ball into the goal to the delight of his friends in the stands crowded the modest field Oxford. But nevertheless, the referee annulled for offside both: “I've loaded my dream child of p…”, he yelled at the referee of the match.

Since then Redknapp Y Steve Davis, since known as Tittyshev, They have agreed many times on television and in press reports joking and remembering that special moment and fun.


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