The 10 best Chilean soccer players in history

The 10 best Chilean soccer players in history
Who are the best Chilean soccer players in history? PHOTOMONTAGE: Football retro,is

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Selection Chile He has had great players throughout its history. Today we will review what for us are the best Chilean soccer players of all times.

The best Chilean soccer players in history


For many, the best Chilean footballer ever. The central is a living legend of the team. Brazil tried to nationalize the player to wear the 'canarinha’, something he didn't get. According Franz Beckenbauer, Figueroa he was the best central defender in history. He wore the shirt of clubs as important as Colo-Colo, International of Brazil or Peñarol of Montevideo, when the South American leagues had a great level and prestige.


In a list of the best Chilean soccer players in history, there was no missing ‘The goal manager’. Carlos Caszely triumphed in Colo-Colo where is absolute idol, considered the best player in club history. He traveled to Spain to sign for the Levante where he got tired of scoring goals, something he continued to do shortly thereafter in the ranks of the RCD Spanish from Barcelona. Too, Of course, stood out with the selection with which he played two World Cups (1974 Y 1982).


Bam-Bam he was one of the best of his time. Great header and capable of scoring goals of all colors. He triumphed in Europe in clubs as important as the Sevilla, Real Madrid O Inter de Milan. In the Italian club he shared a front, no more no less, what with Ronaldo Nazario.


Together with Zamorano, he formed the legendary striker ZA-SA in the selection of Chile. The matador He was also one of the best attackers of his time and scored goals in all the clubs that were lucky to have him in their ranks.: University of Chile, River Plate O Lazio among others.


dubbed 'The Condor’, It was, possibly, the best Chilean goalkeeper of all time. But nevertheless, his career was clouded by a sad trap he played in a game that pitted Chile with Brazil by the classification for the World Cup Italia '90 what it cost 'The Red’ a harsh sanction of 8 years. Nonetheless, is an idol of the fans of Colo-Colo and also triumphed in the ranks of Sao Paulo.


One of the best Chilean soccer players, without a doubt. Leonel Sánchez won the Golden Boot of 1962 and the Bronze Ball that same year. He wore the Palestine shirt, Colo-Colo and University of Chile and, with all of them, achieved titles of importance. He was one of the players who participated in The Battle of Santiago.

Other of the best Chilean players in history

Other Chilean soccer players who deserve to be on this list are: Sergio Livingstone, David Pizarro, Carlos Reinoso, Francisco Valdes and more recent ones like Claudio Bravo, Arturo vidal O Alexis Sanchez.

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