When European competitions really molaban

When European competitions really molaban
Chelsea Vialli and Zola among other champion of the Cup Winners' Cup 1998 (Alineacionesinternacional)

They say that any past was better and what football and in particular to European competitions It refers probably true. The modern football still making the most of that goose that lays golden eggs and these tournaments increasingly less emotion. Little or nothing to do with that European Cup O Recopa we both liked and we want to remember in this article.


It is the most important club competition at club level. It was created in season 1955-1956 and his first name was European Champions Clubs Cup. Indeed, that was his main characteristic and which gave prestige: They played only the Champions League every European country. Nowadays, curiously, the dispute 3 O 4 Clubs from the same country. paradoxically, its present name is Champions League (Champions League) but they play very few current League champions.

further, the competition system of that European Cup It was most exciting. All teams were paired in qualifying round so big clubs could fall at the first hurdle. logically, this does not matter for the business that has become football today so had to 'fix’ with a system of 'liguilla’ group to minimize the maximum possible surprises.


Created in 1960, It was one of the most beautiful European competitions. I had to really make merit again to play it as only Cup champions were classified each of the European countries. As much, if the League and Cup champion was the same, He came runner-up. Recopa of Europe left parties and late for history and was the second most important European competition.

Big clubs were unable to add to their windows (the Real Madrid without going further) and now they can no longer do so because it ceased to exist in the season 1998-1999 with a final pitting Lazio and Mallorca.


Successor to the Fairs Cup, the UEFA Cup He was very important in their day. Although it was the third in European competitions which refers, the fact that only the Champions League will contest the European Cup made real great team to be sent to UEFA.

The legendary Parma
Parma legendary Buffon, Cannavaro, Thuram and so on was able to win a Cup Winners' Cup and UEFA Cup in the years 90 (Brand)

Again, like the two previous, the competition system with knockout round trip from the start gave him a lot of emotion. A confrontation with a Russian team in midwinter, cite one example, complicaba much the favorite team classification. A very nice competition that is far from the current Europa League a formatting style Champions League.


2 thoughts on “When European competitions really molaban

  1. For my taste, the initial direct deletion format was crap.
    But now it doesn't make sense to call it the Champions League. How many years has it been since Liverpool did not emerge as Premier champion? And he is champion of the Champions League… Then they say that, in matters of organization, we are the latin americans the incoherent…
    Before, the Champions Cup was won with 7 matches, only… And of course, With that format, it was not difficult for a winning team of that trophy, get, at the same time, the local league and even the corresponding Country Cup and, even though they didn't give him a lot of ball, they had a chance to win the “quadruple” crown if they won the European hurts – South American.
    An example of the difference between the Champions Cup and the Libertadores de América.
    At the end of the, then call, Celtic Scottish Inter Continental Cup, European champion, arrived at his match with Racing, with 9 games played to obtain the title of continental monarch. In a period that was between 7 September 1966 al 25 May 1967. While the Racing Club de Avellaneda, to obtain the continental title he had to dispute, 10 first phase matches, 6 second phase matches, plus a tiebreaker for equal points with Universitario de Perú, add now 17 matches. And the final, disputed in three games, totals 20 matches, to obtain a title analogous to that held by Celtic… Playing his first match on 8 March 1967 and the final tiebreak against Nacional de Montevideo, in Santiago de Chile, the 29 of August. Playing 20 matches over a period of five months and eleven days. While Celtic had eight months and nineteen days to play 9 matches… That is, para me gusto, if between the two competition, and I compare the number of games and the time taken to play them, I dare say that, compared to Racing, the Celtic title, it seems joke…

  2. Estoy muy de acuerdo con lo que dice el artículo pero los tontos son los aficionados de hoy que no rechazan esa estafa y abuso de los dominadores del fútbol .Mi opinión es que la Copa de Europa tenía un inmenso, grandísimo prestigio y la Recopa y la Uefa quedaban bastante por detrás.La Uefa no dejaba de ser el trofeo de loscampeones de naday la Recopa,si el campeón ganaba también la liga,pasaba de ella, marchando el finalista perdedor.Resulta algo desproporcionada la alegría del Barcelona en 1979,en su primera Recopa.Luego ganaron la de 1982, pero Núñez dijo que lo que de verdad quería era la liga,ya que sólo ganándola podían acudir a la Copa de Europa . También pienso que el mundial debería ser cada dos años y olvidarse de la Eurocopa,Africa Cup,Copa America…..

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