Cracks Vintage, online shop retro football shirts

Cracks Vintage, online shop retro football shirts
Ronaldo, one of the great stars you can find on the Cracks Vintage website.

Hello Cracks! In this article we want to tell you a little about everything you can find in our online store of retro shirts (Cracks Vintage).

We already have more than 60 models in stock in Spain and we work with shipping 24 hours, Ideal for last minute gift purchases or because you want to wear your team's shirt in the crucial game of the season.

From the beginning, when we start with our first 15 Models, our idea was to select shirts that represented historical moments and footballers at an affordable price for all budgets.

These are some of the examples:

  • Iniesta and his goal in the World Cup final that Spain won in South Africa in 2010.
  • Fernando Torres, author of both in the final of the Eurocup 2008.
  • Ronaldo Nazário's great goal against Compostela this season 1996-1997.
  • Zidane's volley in the Champions League final played in Glasgow.
  • Raúl and his goal in the Champions League final in the year 2000.
  • The Chilean Rivaldo in a Barcelona-Valencia.
  • Simeone's goal against Albacete, the season of Atlético de Madrid double.

Of course, in Cracks Vintage, we have many other mythical shirts. Maradona and his stage in Naples, where got, among other titles, two league titles, the first in the history of the southern Italian team.

Our initial selection of shirts has been based on choosing historical moments but, at the same time, we have also been adding other emblematic ones taking into account the requests of our clients.

football jerseys
Some of the many shirts we have in stock (Cracks Vintage)

Because, to make the quarantine more bearable, follow us on social networks : (Twitter: @vintagecracks / Instagram: cracksvintage), Visit our website and find out if we already have the shirt that marked your childhood and, if you can't find it, write us to see if we can get it. We are always open to suggestions and we are constantly getting new models.

Any other questions you can also contact us via Whatsapp +34 657081279

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