The story of Emery and Craioveanu days of the biggest win of Real Sociedad in Anoeta

The story of Emery and Craioveanu days of the biggest win of Real Sociedad in Anoeta
Luis Pérez celebrates one of the goals scored by Real Sociedad against Albacete (Gipuzcoa Sport)

The Real society received a 12 May 1996 al Albacete at Anoeta Stadium in a corresponding match of the day 40 First Division that went down in history with several proper names, among them the one of Unai Emery.

That day the people of Donostia were rushing their options to qualify to play a European competition and the La Mancha theirs to avoid relegation. Neither team achieved their goal at the end of the season.


But nevertheless, that day the Royal Society would manage to make history. The San Sebastian team unleashed its rival from the start and achieved the most bulky result in its entire history in Anoeta (8-1). Two goals from Pürk, two more than Luis Perez and the hat trick of Craioveanu, he would have been the great protagonist of the game if it had not been for the other scorer of the afternoon, Unai Emery.

The footballer and current natural coach of Hondarribia had pursued the dream of scoring a goal in the First Division with the Real society from the time he entered the quarry of the txuri urdin group as a child until that afternoon when with 24 years he managed to write down the one that at that time was the fifth in the afternoon.


The curious anecdote starred her Emery since at the end of the game he approached Craioveanu and asked him to let him take the ball home as a souvenir (it was up to Romanian as he had scored three goals, something that by the way did not get more than that time since not even in the Getafe not in the Villarreal I would make it).

That way, Unai Emery, who had played 5 “moments” that season with the team of his whole life in the top flight, He had his moment of glory and he could take the memory home. Shortly after, the Basque footballer left Real and started a career for several Second Division teams where he did have much more prominence as the CD Toledo, CD Leganés Y Racing Ferrol. He hung up his boots after two seasons in Segunda B in the Lorca where he spliced ​​with the start of his career (much more successful) coaching.

That afternoon was therefore the one with the greatest win in the history of the Real Sociedad in Anoeta, that of the first (and only goal) in First Division of Unai Emery and the first and only hat trick of Gica Craioveanu in Spanish League. Definitely, A day to remember.

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