Why has Heerenveen shirt 'hearts'?

Why has Heerenveen shirt 'hearts'?
Presentation of two signings in Heereneen 1995 (Photo: gahetna.nl)

The story that we bring today is very interesting. Many are those who for many years we have come to see the SC Heerenveen, Team Eredivisie Dutch, shine 7 'hearts’ in his shirt. But nevertheless, far from what may seem, it turns out that what seemed to us a heart was not after all this time.


Actually on the team jersey which appear are 7 leaves of sea lilies or own red waterlilies in the region of Friesland, where it sits City Heerenveen. So, zamarra how much the club has become one of the quintessential gifts Valentine's Day in Holland, Hearts are not such.

Nor it is random that are 7 waterlilies that appear on the tee joint Dutch. It looks like (although there is no conclusive evidence about it) They were seven separate regions clashed in the Middle Ages to the people Vikings.

The team is known as' Pride of Friesland’ and before each party acting as local in the Abe Lenstra Stadium (name of his most legendary player), you can hear the anthem of the region, demonstrating the patriotic character of the club and its fans. By the way, about Lenstra say it was a player who made his debut and retired in the club. He was present at the historic party trailed Heerenveen 1-5 and he ended up winning by 6-5 to himself Ajax Amsterdam the 7 May 1950.

Party Heerenveen beat Ajax coach Frank Rijkaard, The farmer, Seedorf and company disputed in 1995. Amsterdam assembly proclaimed champion of Europe that season (Photo: SC Heerenveen)


Throughout its history the club has had good strikers. Besides the mentioned Lenstra, more recently attackers were Heereveen Danish Jon Dahl Tomasson, which he was released throughout Europe in the Frisian team to make the leap to major clubs or self Klaas Jan Huntelaar later also triumphed in big clubs like Ajax, Milan o Real Madrid.

So, dismantled the myth of Hearts shirt this historic club, We must become accustomed to leaves lilies which it is as known to those in Holland leaves one of the most underground clubs in the country away from large as Ajax, PSV o Feyernoord which they have dominated over time league country of tulips. Nonetheless, Heerenveen has participated on several occasions in European competitions and reached the final of contest Intertoto Cup losing against Villarreal.

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