The reason that the signing of the Valencia Kempes was about to break

The reason that the signing of the Valencia Kempes was about to break
Kempes at the time of signing his contract with Valencia CF (Pinterest)

The 11 August 1976 It is a very important date in the history of Valencia Football Club. That day one landing in Spain the best players in club history: Mario Kempes. But nevertheless, On arrival at Mestalla he came close to not materialize.

The signing of Kempes It was with much suspicion by the Valencian entity. That hot day landed at Barajas airport a young Argentinian 22 years. The expectation was high and rumors of his arrival at the club Valencia were growing. As he reported in the newspaper Brand, both Valencia coach, Pasieguito, as club president, Ramos Costa, They tried by all means to hide the arrival of striker.

The club has forbidden me to comment, I'm sorry”

The player himself, Naturally that was not so well known at that time, He tried to go as a tourist to the questions of journalists: “Is Kempes, football player?” Finally, and at the insistence of the media, the player confessed: “Yes, I am Kempes, but the club has forbidden me to comment, I'm sorry”.

Thus the future star Valencia boarded a car to travel to the capital of the Túria. If all went well, after passing the relevant medical review, It would be presented at the Valencia stadium.


This is where we got the most curious moment in history, who came to endanger the signing of Kempes by the white club (at that time completely white). In one of the films that made him the player, doctors found a "manchita’ in the stomach. After a long ramble, the doctors decided to consult with the player himself if something strange had ingested.

The surprise came when together they concluded that it was a pellet that was in a partridge 'The matador’ He had eaten when he stopped for lunch at Motilla del Palancar path Valencia. Thus, the signing of the contract and Kempes's signing by Valencia could be closed without jolts.

The club of Mestalla It was done with the services of Argentine paying 600.000 Dollars (some 42 million pesetas of the time) a Rosario Central. The rest is history. 'The matador’ valencianista wore the shirt during 7 achieving seasons 2 ‘pichichis‘ in addition to Copa del Rey, a Recopa and one European Super Cup. He also had time to play two more seasons in the ranks of hércules CF First Division. Who knows if that buckshot could have changed history.


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