world 1966: All against Pele's Brazil

world 1966: All against Pele's Brazil
Lovely photo of Pele in training before the World 1966 (Rock Cafe)

The Brazil's Pele He reached the FIFA World Cup 1966 as the favorite to win a championship title. Not in vain, canarinha had won two World Cups consecutively, first Sweden 1958 and then Chile 1962.

That team had the two best players on the planet at that time: Skin Y Garrincha. The data speak for themselves. With these two players playing together, Brazil I never defeated. Like is logic, his rivals were aware of it and had very clear from the beginning how they should stop them.

The World 1966 It was a great opportunity for England to achieve a title that had long craved. The inventors of football had 'past’ at first of these championships as they felt it was pointless to dispute tournaments against other teams because they, as inventors of this sport, They were well above the rest. Obviously, They were wrong.

One example of this hubris was the match that pitted England against Hungary 1953 in a match that went down in history as 'the partyO of the century'. Hungarians Puskas, carter and many humiliated the British in Wembley. The final score was 3-6 and it meant a before and after selection for British.

Now, Brazil Pele was the greatest obstacle to the hosts. From the beginning it was observed that the verdeamarela would have everything against and would have to suffer a lot to go past rounds at the world. Already in the first game, despite victory 2-0 against Bulgaria with goals from Skin Y Garrincha, Brazilians suffered countless kicks by their rivals before the permissibility of the match referee.

I must say, also, the group that had been drawn Brazil was dubbed 'the group of death’ by the aforementioned Bulgaria, Hungary Y Portugal, which he had the great Eusebio. Vicente Feola, Brazil coach, He decided to protect Skin and I do not align in the second match against the Hungarians. Canarinha was defeated by 3-1.


The match against Portugal He became a life and death encounter. And Brazil lost was eliminated. So it was. Again Pele suffered all kinds of violent tickets and ended up injured. The picture of 'King’ totally lame on the pitch are still in the retina of football fans. The Portuguese, with two goals Eusebio, They won the game and left outside Brazil of Pele.

Brazil's Pele
Rivals were used harshly with Pele, Brazilian star, in World 1966 (Rock Cafe)

That edition 1966 He was' prepared dangerously’ to stay home, as it were. The English won in the final Germany, thanks to a ghost goal more controversial that still remains unclear to 100% whether or not entered. It is the only title of the World Cup that England has in his resume.

Brazil had to reinvent themselves and for editing 1970 He formed which for many is the best selection of history. a veteran Skin He led the verdeamarela to a new title (the third in the last four) becoming the only one capable of lifting 3 World Championships, a record that still stands today.

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