The prisoner who asked to extend his sentence to pay tribute to Larry Bird

The prisoner who asked to extend his sentence to pay tribute to Larry Bird
Larry Bird, NBA legend, always he wore the 33 in the back (Photo: Youtube)

The world of sport has always left us amazing stories. Which we tell you today directly borders on madness and covers an unconditional fan of Larry Bird, myth and legend NBA who spent his entire playing career in the Boston Celtics.

Bird ported dorsal 33 throughout his career, not only as a professional but also in his years in the college. He became one of the best players in NBA history in which he played 13 seasons always in the ranks of the Celtics.

LARRY BIRD, The great ruler of the NBA in the early 80

All this time he was appointed MVP season three times (1984, 1985 Y 1986) and second best player 1981, 1982, 1983 Y 1988 and third 1987, something that leaves perfectly clear who was the great dominator of the NBA in the early 80.

Of course, All this made was idolized by the fans of the team clover. But nevertheless, Some bears that admiration to the end.

Eric Torpy He was convicted in the year 2000 a 30 years in prison for armed robbery and a double attempted murder. But nevertheless, inveterate admirer of Larry Bird He had the brilliant idea to request that his sentence was extended to 33 years to pay tribute to his idol, so get freedom 2033.

Eric Torpy fan de Larry Bird
Eric Torpy in his cell decorated with several pictures of his idol Larry Bird (Photo: Brand)

His admiration Bird and to the Celtics is such that wears several tattoos on his body in honor of his idol and his favorite team. Eric takes two threes on her elbows and clover club near his left eye. Of course your request was not taken into account by the judge and, At first, Eric will be released upon completion of the 30 years that were imposed in the year 2030.

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