meho Kodro, fourth top scorer in the history of the Royal Society

meho Kodro, fourth top scorer in the history of the Royal Society
Meho Kodro is one of the greatest strikers in the history of Real Sociedad (As)

If you are asked for names of great strikers in the early 90 in Spain one of those who will quickly come to mind is meho Kodro. Bosnian League came to hand Real society In the season 91-92 from the Velez-Mostar which highlighted based on goals.

Its yield was almost immediate, and the first season marked donostiarra 13 many, the same figure repeated in the second season as txuri-urdin. But were the two following which uncovered him as one of the best strikers in the championship scoring 27 Y 28 points respectively both in the domestic competition and Copa del Rey.

With 28 years and the best form of his career, He came the great opportunity. The FC Barcelona, in particular their coach Johan Cruyff, He rolled his eyes to replace nothing more and nothing less than Romario who had left the Camp Nou. The challenge was more demanding and this time Kodro did not live up to expectations. Yet their numbers with the blaugrana shirt were not bad as it was able to score 15 goals that season (9 League, 3 Cup and 3 in UEFA Cup).

Kodro Barcelona
The pressure to reach a club like Barca to replace no less than Romario hit the rendimineto of Kodro that still made goals (As)


But such a large and demanding club like Barça which she had also left its main backer (Johan Cruyff) He deeded to Kodro al CD Tenerife, with which there was a great relationship. Not in vain, Barca won two leagues in the last day with the invaluable help of tinerfeño set.

On the island Kodro nor again the player who dazzled in the Real society even though, as it could not be otherwise, He followed by goals. In his first season with the shirt of Tenerife marked 8 and second 14 (adding all competitions). It was the third most negative campaign as the team dropped to second division and Bosnian, with barely minutes, He went scoreless.

Kodro Tenerife
Kodro continued to set goals in Tenerife but never be his realistic stage (futboldemarcablanca)

His latest venture in Spain was in Vitoria where he defended the t-shirt Deportivo Alavés for a season (1999-2000). Kodro framework 5 goals and it was important in a team that failed to qualify to compete in the UEFA Cup next season in which the set of Mendizorroza make history (and without the Bosnian template).

Balkan front hung up his boots after playing more than 300 matches official (between League, Cup and UEFA Cup) having scored 123 goals. Definitely, one of the great attackers of the early 90 in Spanish football.

Kodro Alavés
Alaves was the last Bosnian team. But he failed to a large number of goals was important to help in qualifying for Europe set vitoriano (futbolbalcanico)


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