Soccer players with the most golden boots in history

Soccer players with the most golden boots in history
Gerd Muller and Eusebio pose with the Golden Boot (SL Benfica)

Who are the footballers with the most Gold boots of the history of soccer? Since 1968 until 1990, the prestigious French newspaper L´Equipe, delivered the top European scorer (only goals scored in league are counted) of this award. Later, the European Sports Magazines is the one in charge of giving the trophy. We review the list of the players who have won the prize the most times.

Eusebio was the first footballer to win the Golden Boot of the season 1967-1968. The legendary Portuguese striker achieved the not inconsiderable figure of 42 goals with the Benfica shirt. At that time one of his great rivals was the German Gerd Muller who was the top European scorer twice (1969-1970 Y 1971-1972). Eusebio managed to match this record by repeating in the 1972-1973.

Other illustrious names that achieved two gold boots throughout their careers are: Dudu Georgescu, Fernando Gomes, Ally McCoist, Mario Jardel, Thierry Henry, Diego Forlán and Luis Suárez.

As a curious fact, the name of Rodion Camataru. The Romanian was proclaimed top European scorer in the campaign 1986-1987. But nevertheless, in the year 1990 he was disqualified because several irregularities were discovered in the romanian league in that season.

How many gold boots do Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have?

Of course, the great dominators are Lionel Messi Y Cristiano Ronaldo. The Argentinean leads the classification with a total of 6 gold boots. further, holds the absolute record for having achieved 50 goals with FC Barcelona in a single league. And if that was not enough, 'The flea’ he is the only footballer to win this trophy three consecutive years (2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019).

Golden Boot
The golden boot, one of the most prestigious individual trophies that every striker wants to have (Brand)

Meanwhile, the portuguese attacker has 4 gold boots in their showcases, which places him in second position behind his maximum rival. Both maintain an excruciating fight to be number one in each and every one of the individual awards that are awarded each season in European and world football..


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