Toni Polster, the man who played the Golden Boot Hugo Sanchez

Toni Polster, the man who played the Golden Boot Hugo Sanchez
Toni Polster left a good taste and a lot of goals in all computers that played (Photo:

Until very recently, the 38 Goals from Hugo Sánchez In the season 1989-1990 They were an unattainable figure for all strikers in the Spanish league. Mexico achieved Golden Boot and since then no one had managed to overcome that amount of goals in a season until the age of Messi and Cristiano they have been able to overcome several times.

But nevertheless, few remember that mythical season 1989-1990 in which Hugo achieved that magic number, there was a player who was competing with him for getting Golden Boot. That man was the Austrian Toni Polster which achieved, no more no less, what 33 goals for Sevilla, achieving Silver Boot.

Definitely, a figure that would have served practically any other season to win the title of top scorer, but that was the great year of Mexican striker Real Madrid He is eclipsing the rest of Europe attackers.

pad He was one of the best strikers in the early 80 Y 90. He not stopped scoring goals wherever played since its inception in Autria Vienna, where he managed 119 goals in 141 matches, which helped him to sign for Torino of the powerful Italian Serie A in which only he played one season.


That was when he signed for Sevilla FC in which he played for 3 scoring seasons 55 goals in 102 matches. After swelling in the assembly Nervión, Austrian joined the legendary CD Logrones.

In the assembly Las Gaunas was only one season, the 91-92, in which he played all league matches and scored the not inconsiderable figure of 14 goals. A new adventure awaited him in Spain Vallecas. The Lightning still managed better numbers, marking 15 goals in 31 parties in the 92-93.

His adventure in Spain was completed and went to Germany to play for Colonia where he could settle for 5 seasons in which, how not, He is gorging again to score goals (79 in 151 matches). Also in the Borussia Monchengladbach He meets again 15 goals in 38 matches.

Finally, The mythical pad He hung up his boots in the year 2000 at Red Bull Salzburg from his native Austria, after being 18 years without getting tired of thrashing. their numbers, simply stunning. He was able to score 308 goals in 546 matches in their various clubs (0,56 goals per match).

Italia '90 and France '98

Of course, with the national team, the Austrian had a very similar goal average, marking 44 in 95 matches. He participated in both the World Cup Italia '90 as in the case of France '98. Few strikers in history have given up so much for so many years. From here, our appreciation.

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  1. Only make a correction when Polster plays in the 2001 in Salzburg he was not called yet RB but still known as Austria Salzburg (anterior Casino Salzburg) and kept missing violet colors and white on 2005

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